Being Interviewer

Gaurav Singh
3 min readMar 23, 2019


Interview word always sounds exciting and nervous at the same time. Interviews are very important learning lesson of our life whether we fail or succeed in it. I have always liked to give interviews and i was and i am never afraid of it. Interviews are not meant to shame or defame you but it is just a check of where you stand and whether you fit perfectly to any company’s need or not. If you get afraid from interviews then stop it right now and start facing it with more positivity and possibilities.

Hmm. Who’s the best?

From past 1 year i have taken almost 90+interviews which includes telephonic and face to face both. What i have seen from my current experience is that people lack positivity more than knowledge these days. People are very afraid and are in terrorised state as if i will eat them or grind them but it was never the case at the end of any interview.

I think interviewers are too hard on candidates these days and treat them just as a resume. It is very important to make candidate feel relaxed a bit and take interview in a very harmonious environment. If someone does not know a lot or even the basic in some cases as per requirements they should be motivated to do well in future and not belittled there in the interview.

Chicken Interview ?????

Talking of my interview experiences i have always applied different methodology while taking interview and took it in much more interactive way and judged them all around, rather than just some nerd. If any candidate may get demotivated then he may never try it again in life, so it is very important to let them know that this is not the end and they should keep trying harder and come back strong next time. People should always be valued and not just your work and thats where one’s personal attitude comes in fray. Especially in the software world , where i am currently working it is very difficult to judge good candidates. Hence one should be more proactive , focused and to the point to the needs. During this course you should let candidate feel you are trying to know what he knows and not try or force to get things out of him in any case and at all cost.

Hiring is a very big challenge today. Almost every company is spending a lot of time and resource to get those rare talents. It is very important for an interviewer and a company to judge each and everyone of them seriously and make hiring a process of addition to the ecosystem but not the process of separation, humiliation , suppression and cost saving. As an interviewer , in my opinion one should be free, direct , without any personal bias , motivating and calm. The interview may just be another one for the interviewer but for someone its question of job or no job, so it is very important to do the work more sincerely and get the best possible resource and grow the team progressively. Whether one gets the nod or not , they did the hard work of getting interviewed and hence they should at least leave with some learning or clarity about them and the process.